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Medals galore as South Korean engineering contingent awarded for outstanding service



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Jim Su

Having a highly successful parent or two means having a tough act to follow.


Captain Jim Su Sa from South Korea knows all about it, but instead of being intimidated by the challenge, he decided to embrace it.


“My father was such an influence on me.

His exploits in the field and distinguished service were such that I could not see myself doing anything but try to serve my country in the same manner,” he says, adding that his younger brother also decided to join the army.

“Our wish is to be there for our country and build peace across the world.”

United Nations

By serving in Bor, with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Captain Su Ha has taken the first step in emulating his father, who was a UN peacekeeper in Lebanon.

Once he returns home, he will also be able to compare UN medals with his father, because he and his 276 South Korean colleagues (including ten women) recently received these coveted pieces of metal for their service in the name of peace.

Captain Su Ha

To be more precise, Captain Su Ha and the rest of the engineering contingent have been awarded medals for successfully completing a variety of tasks, perhaps most notably the construction of dykes to minimize damages caused by floods.

In addition, the troops rehabilitated roads, extended the Bor airport, restored schools and handed over vital medical supplies to the main hospital in town.

Major General Main Ullah Chowdhury

Present at the ceremony, Major General Main Ullah Chowdhury, Deputy UNMISS Force Commander, lavished praise on the South Korean peacekeepers, applauded the Korean Peacekeepers for their excellent, standard of discipline and dedication towards their peacekeeping efforts and endeavor in South Sudan.

“I know in detail how significant their contributions have been, both in ensuring peace and stability and in terms of building or repairing critical infrastructure.

All of this has been achieved in a challenging environment while being far away from your families and loved ones.

You have done very well indeed.”

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