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The Main Reasons to Travel



 The Main Reasons to Travel
The Main Reasons to Travel

1 With a busy “28 hours a day” with a planned schedule for years to come, people are in a frantic race. The picture of life is predictable, only faces, ages, and status change. But why do we need to travel?

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2 With the entry into the arena of global digitalization, people have fallen into the illusory trap of freedom of movement and the possibility of remote communication.

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3 Strange as it may seem, people are gradually unlearning how to communicate “offline” and putting vacations on hold because there is an illusion about the freedom of timing.

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Travel Is an Instinctive Need of Competition

5 Vacation planning can indeed be put off for a variety of reasons, ranging from chores to role-playing commitments.

6 But travel is an evolutionary and instinctive need, like betting via the best betting site in Tanzania is a need for those who love sports. The basic essence of wandering is the exploration of new lands, the search for more fertile lands that are comfortable for living and owning.

7 The constant nomadism pursued not only wandering in search of the promised land, but also the struggle for that land, which was desired not only by one traveler, but by the community as a whole. The value of the land is still high today. The journey has undergone changes over time, the toll and the meaning each puts on himself.

8 But even today the journey is an act of positive frustration, an instinctively necessary need to master the unknown, one of the easiest ways to compete.

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Expanding One’s Sphere of Influence

10 The ability to travel gives the illusion of marking, or owning the places one has already been. The brain reacts actively and positively to the “marked” land, releasing hormones of happiness into the bloodstream. Thus a person becomes simply happy, and may not realize the reason for his euphoria until the end.

11 And if there were especially emotionally fortunate places on his way, then in the future the person thinks about migrating or buying real estate.

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Why Is Travel Capable of “Rewiring” a Person?

14 Returning from a trip, a person will never be the same again, and this phenomenon has some interesting facts:

  • Positive frustration is a state where a person is placed in an environment that is unconventional to them, but it’s not fear-inducing, but interest exploring.
  • Strengthening and creation of new neural connections. A new positive experience gives birth to a series of new strategies, empowering the brain. Immunity improves, stress and risk of cardiovascular disease are reduced.
  • It’s not just a disruption of a person’s circadian rhythms, but a new superpower to adapt over time.
  • Increased self-value. The fear that may have been the reason for not leaving one’s familiar zone of influence is disintegrating into atoms. Discovering new places will attract new knowledge of language and culture, improve communication skills, and it becomes much more enjoyable to assert oneself.

15 The most important thing that any opportunity to travel brings is the birth of new meanings. When traveling, it’s important to realize, aren’t you running away from yourself? Or from problems? After all, as you know, you can’t run away from yourself. A change of scenery is one option to recognize your true needs and values.

16 To make your vacation comfortable, it’s important to prepare for it.

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Recommendations for a great trip:

  • Create a list of what you really want. Based on your needs and abilities. It’s also worth relying on your type of spontaneity or meticulous planning.
  • Alternate between active and passive vacations. Adventures will help you not get caught up in work, and you won’t need another vacation after that.
  • Create your unique ritual. A fixed association will help you be in the moment, even far away.
  • The price of travel. Its quality doesn’t depend on the material investment, but is built on the emotions received from the process. Therefore, any sort of outing to previously unfamiliar terrain can be considered a journey.

18 Travel is a great indicator of maturation. The more independent the individual, the further he is able to move away. Therefore, travel is not only a way of zeroing in and healing, but also an opportunity to change one’s life.

19 As you traverse your journey, you are heading straight to yourself, the real you, without expectation or pressure, developing your psychomotor, cognitive, and sensory capabilities.

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