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Love Is Blind Season 4: Will the First Engaged Couple Follow the Show’s Winning Trend?



A New Batch of “Love Is Blind” Episodes

Love Is Blind is back for its fourth season, with 30 new singletons taking part in the reality show’s unique social experiment that has contestants searching for love, sight unseen.

The first four episodes of the show’s latest installment were released Friday on Netflix, and already several cast members have paired up and popped the big question.

In the next batch of episodes, Love Is Blind will follow the cast members as they navigate life outside the pods in the run-up to their wedding day. But the couples’ fate will be kept a secret until the day the wedding episode is released.

Episodes are released in batches to keep fans on the edge of their seat about what will happen next to the pairs. Although this season’s wedding episode won’t be released until April 14, a trend over the past three seasons could provide a hint about the fate of at least one of the couples.

The Winning Trend of “Love Is Blind”

Newsweek has everything you need to know about this pattern. It offers a clue as to which Love Is Blind Season 4 couple could make it down the aisle and whether they stay together afterward.

The pattern is that the couple that gets engaged first in each season will have a successful wedding day—where both parties say “I do”—and have mostly stayed together after the show.

Winning Couples of Previous Seasons

In Season 1, Lauren Speed (now Lauren Speed Hamilton) and Cameron Hamilton shocked viewers by getting engaged at the end of the first episode, though of course in the pods they had been talking and dating for a lot longer than just the length of one episode.

The pair have since gone on to become one of the show’s biggest success stories. In 2021, they released a joint book about their love story, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way.

The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in November 2022.

Season 2 saw Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson get engaged first, and the pair went on to get married.

During that season’s After the Altar episodes, the two were still together. But they announced they were splitting in August 2022.

This means that technically they fit the trend. But they did make it down the aisle on their wedding day and were the longest-lasting couple from their season.

Ruhl and Thompson’s split meant that no couples from Season 2 remain together, the only season where this was the case.

In Love Is Blind’s third season the first couple to get engaged was Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Lemieux (then Alexa Alfia).

The pair had one of the smoothest journeys of the season and are still happily married.

In the After the Altar episodes, which aired in February 2023, the couple were seen celebrating Alexa’s birthday and talking about how happy they are together.

At the end of the episodes, Brennon gave his wife a sleep suit with the words “Baby Lemieux” on the front as the couple confirmed their plans to start a family in 2023.

The Fate of Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell

Season 4’s first engaged couple are Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell.

The couple faced an obstacle in their romance at the end of the first episode, when Pennywell accidentally fell asleep in her pod just as Brown was confessing his feelings for her.

Luckily, the next day he managed to see the funny side of this, and the pair have since gone on from one strong moment to the next.

We have yet to see Brown and Pennywell navigating life outside of the pods, so the jury is still out on whether they will make it down the aisle.

Will they follow the first couples to get engaged in the other seasons and successfully wed? Fans will have to tune in to find out.


The first part of Love Is Blind Season 4 is now available on Netflix. The previous seasons are also on the streaming platform.



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