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Libya launches a national cancer treatment program



– Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamed Dbeibah on Tuesday launched a national program to organize the treatment of cancer patients, including the establishment of a new government agency and a database, and the tracing of patients in the country.

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The new agency will be responsible for developing and implementing the necessary policies, plans and programs to treat cancer, and the database will determine the needs and necessary medicines for cancer patients, according to a statement issued by the government information office. .

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Dbeibah also approved the National Document for the Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer which entails an awareness and prevention campaign until February 2024, after which “the mandatory screening phase for all Libyan women over 35 years of age will begin,” it says the notice.

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Due to years of armed conflict and insecurity, the Libyan authorities have been struggling to provide adequate basic services, mainly health care and education, for the population. ■


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