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Lagos charges religious leaders, parents on moral values in youths



Lagos charges religious leaders, parents on moral values in youths

/ Florence Onuegbu

On Thursday, the Lagos state government urged religious leaders and parents to instill correct moral values ​​in young people.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu took office during the 2021 interfaith parliament hosted by the State Interior Ministry on Victoria Island.

The theme of the parliament is “Achieving the Great Lakes: Role of religious bodies.”

Sanwo-Olu, who was represented by the Governor, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, said that the family remained the nucleus of any society, so he should strive to instill morality in children.

He said the state had noticed a sharp increase in crime and insecurity, due to a lack of moral values, dating back to the imbalance in the family.

The governor recalled how during the chaos of the EndSARS protests, youths killed policemen, roasted and ate meat.

“The erosion of moral values ​​in our current society has become a source of concern for everyone and for the government at all levels.

“If we want to continue to enjoy peace and security in Lagos and Nigeria, it is pertinent that we begin to pay close attention to our children and youth to ensure that they are not tricked into taking the wrong path,” he said.

According to him, there should be a guideline on the road to government, in fact, to stop this nasty trend.

“Religious organizations stand out for cushioning the effect of the economy on the population through faithful adherence to our religious beliefs and the principles of our faith.

“However, we have also noticed that many of our religious bodies have relegated this very important role to the background in the Nigerian Project.

“The Holy Quran and the Bible are very clear about the role of leaders in all spheres of life and I have personally come to realize that whoever God places in a position of authority, be it spiritual or temporal, that individual is defending God.

“Such a person will give an account of his stewardship. Therefore, a lot is expected of that person.

“I am of the opinion that our outcome of this august meeting will put some emphasis on getting out of this quagmire,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu said the essence of parliament was to devise ways for the state to move forward and also ensure that mechanisms were put in place that would ensure peaceful coexistence, religious harmony and tolerance among the faithful.

He said Lagos State was known for ethnic tolerance as Nigeria’s commercial and industrial powerhouse, and recognized as the gateway to the African economy.

“We need to develop the patterns of our success in this area to serve as a roadmap for other states and Nigeria as a whole. The issue of ethnic mistrust must be eradicated in our country Nigeria, “said the governor.

In his message of goodwill, Lagos State Service Chief Hakeem Muri-Okunola said that many young people now walk the streets almost naked.

Muri-Okunola, who was represented by the secretary of the Public Service Office, Mr. Samson Ajibade, also said that many young people had become involved in drug abuse, which was a problem that urgently needed to be repressed in order to achieve peace. in society.

In his welcoming address, Internal Affairs Commissioner Prince Anofiu Elegushi said that the bitter experience of the EndSARS protest largely questioned the roles of parents and religious leaders.

Elegushi said the meeting was expected to address issues related to character building and shaping, the need for moral righteousness and the fear of God.

He said that at a time like this, more love and understanding should be shown to young people; they must be brought in and assisted in all areas, keeping in mind that the temptations and the influence of peer pressure were very overwhelming for the younger generation.

The commissioner said through the meeting that the government expected a more solid relationship that should be consolidated on the achievements of relative peace and harmonious coexistence.

He called on the religious leaders to continue closing ranks and to control the excesses of exuberant preachers, who found it convenient to create enmity among the people.

“Our weekly sermon on unity, peace and love must resound weekly, while obedience to the rule of law and commitment to our Lagos project must remain sacrosanct.

“Issues of state importance should take priority in the teachings that we publish regularly.

“The essence of our meeting is to ensure that our religious bodies are more organized and that decisions that are made are cascaded from one community to another, particularly in our local governments and local council development areas.

“This is because we have discovered that the information and decisions of the government are hardly heard in the pulpits, so we believe that this association will enrich and help the governance of the state at all levels,” said Elegushi.

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