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Kano Govt: Contradicting crude cold-heartedness for coincidence, by Bala Ibrahim



Kano Govt: Contradicting crude cold-heartedness for coincidence, by Bala Ibrahim

Continuing the alleged political dispute between the governor of Kano state, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, and some aggrieved members of his party, the APC, which resulted in a court ruling against the governor, the state government appears adamant, for participating on the scapegoat, as the ball is passed into the cameras of the lawyer who fought for the side that struck the governor.

On Wednesday, the day after Governor Ganduje’s faction was defeated in court, over the authenticity of party congresses in the state and, by extension, which faction has legitimate control of party structures in the state, the Kano state government rushed to seal outside the building that houses the chambers of Nureini Jimoh, SAN, the lawyer who stood up and won the case for the Shekarau faction.

After a great uproar from the public, condemning the callous and condescending attitude of the Government, the building was opened in the evening of the same day, while the lawyer, Nureini Jimoh, SAN, moved to a safer and healthier place. As he continued, he passionately prayed that Allah would allow our leaders to understand the meaning of the law and have the courage and conviction to respect it.

But in another twist earlier this Friday morning, the same Kano state government renewed its attack on the lawyer, as officials once again closed and sealed the office.

Observers said it is curiously interesting to note that the venue is the only one in Kano state that is affected by government policy, although the government is saying something else, by mixing the meaning of cruelty with coincidence.

According to a statement by the state Information Commissioner, Malam Muhammad Garba, “contrary to what the media reports, particularly online platforms, there was no link between the closure of the office and the result of the court ruling.” Garba said: “Officials from the state Bureau of Land Management Land Use Charges Task Force Committee working in conjunction with the state Internal Revenue Service (KIRS) were on their routine assignment to do comply with the payment of land use charges as part of an effort to improve the state’s income-generating campaign ”.

The Commissioner said, “According to the record available at the office, the property at C14 / C16 Murtala Muhammad Way belongs to Isyaka Rabi’u & Sons, not to said attorney, Barr. Nureini Jimoh and was sealed by the committee after he issued a notice of lawsuit to the owner on September 14, 2021 and subsequently a warning notice for not responding to the demand for the payment of the rent of the land pending for a period of five years (2016 -2021) “.

As much as the public wants to believe the Honorable Commissioner, who inspires much respect from his colleagues, the convergence of coincidences, coupled with the Government’s desperate desire to enforce this particular order at this particular time, give rise to serious suspicions. .

In support of its member, Nureini Jimoh, SAN, a highly respected member of the Bar Association, the Nigerian Bar Association, Kano State Branch, insists that Governor Ganduje and the Kano government must do everything possible to clarify this.

The branch’s secretary, Haruna Zakariyya, in an interim report on Wednesday stated: “Our preliminary investigation reveals that said building was sealed off by officials of the Kano State Government, and we are in contact with the State Attorney General’s office to find out the real position of things ”.

When the political atmosphere begins to move towards a state of helplessness, as is now being witnessed in Kano, with the Governor going to war with virtually all sectors of society, despair can ensue. And because the situation is so bad and it is becoming impossible to deal with. with, you can’t rule out the devil’s advice.

Governor Ganduje had gone to war with the traditional institution of Kano. He deposed Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Emir of the former Emirate of Kano and charged him with insubordination.

He had gone to war with the media, the fourth realm of heritage, by accusing Jaafar Jaafar of false publication, after the editor of the Daily Nigerian, an online publishing company, published the controversial video clips showing the governor. Ganduje receiving and inserting $ 5 million bribe into his pockets, in October 2018.

He had gone to war with some men of God, according to his penchant for making curves, from every available space in the city, including mosques, which are holy places.

He had gone to war with politicians, including his benefactor and the person he succeeded, the engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

And now he’s cleaning up the coast for a war with the law.

I don’t know what kind of advisers Governor Ganduje has, but I can assure you that there are certain wars that are never fought until victory, two of which are the war with the media and the war with the law.

To defeat the law, you have to invite anarchy, and propose to be an anarchist, maturing a state of disorder, due to the absence or non-recognition of authority or other control systems, including the courts.

Video clips showing one of his political supporters calling a court in contempt language are already circulating on social media.

To beat the media, you must have the power to stifle the spread of information. This is impossible with journalists, who are trained to educate the public about events and issues, and how they affect their lives. They spend much of their time interviewing sources, searching public records and other sources for information, and sometimes visiting the scene where the crimes or other newsworthy events occurred, including those in the other room.

In the performance of such functions, professional solidarity comes into play and makes the oppressor’s chances of success very remote, or even increases the stress for him.

The late Dr. Bala Mohammed, a former political adviser to the former governor of the former Kano state, the late Abubakar Rimi, and one of the strongest voices that stood up against oppression and injustice in Nigeria, once said: “The bourgeoisie Nigerian would go to the extreme of physically eliminating any individual who confronts or defies the system ”.

Behold, as God wills, Dr. Bala was cruelly and horribly roasted at his home, during the infamous July 10, 1981 rampage in Kano, in a way reminiscent of what is beginning to manifest itself in Kano, where yesterday One of the offices of the party of one of the victors against Ganduje were burned in broad daylight and with arrogant demonstrations of banditry.

What happened to the late Dr. Bala Mohammed in 1981, and what happened yesterday in Kano, must be viewed by authorities, particularly security agencies, as a curtain to open the curtain on something deadly that is likely to be looming.

It could come in the name of the non-payment of the housing fee, the failure to show the vehicle documents, the expired marriage certificate, or even the failure to smile and greet the governor when he goes on horseback.

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