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Jewelry designers to know in 2023



From the unconventional silhouettes of Nayestones to the minimalist shapes of Isabel Bonner and the modernist designs of Dévé, discover the jewelry designers we’ll be looking for in 2023.

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Jewelry designers to meet in 202301. Isabel Bonner

nigerian news today headlines

nigerian news today headlines

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Isabel Bonner translates concern for form into statement jewelery into an elegant subversion of traditionally feminine silhouettes. In her new collection, the jewelery designer draws inspiration from the winding coastlines of southern Italy, playing up her signature semicircle for a new range of chunky chains in sterling silver.

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02. Believe in yourself

(Image credit: Joanna Wzorek)

‘Jiamini means believing in yourself. I want every woman to believe in herself and focus on her success,” says Jennifer Mulli, creative director and founder of Jiamini, in an overjoyed Zoom call. Her effervescence stems from what can only be described as an extraordinary rise for the sustainable luxury jewelry and accessories brand.

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(Image credit: press)

“I’ve always been fascinated by modernist design: it was a period of revolutionary change when designers decided to break with embellished design and develop something simpler, more refined, resulting in extraordinary everyday sculptural objects,” says jewelry designer Estelle. Dévé, who launched her namesake brand, Dévé, during the lockdown in 2021.

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04. Maya Magal

(Image credit: Maya Magal)

The resistant shapes are imbued with a slight buoyancy in the hands of Maya Magal, who rethinks the classic forms of the chains in the new collection, ‘Lucid’. “Handcrafting every collection presents challenges, and ‘Lucid’ was no exception,” Magal says of the pieces, created in sterling silver and solid gold.

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05. Studio Renn

(Image credit: Studio Renn)

Mumbai-based jewelry designers Studio Renn reinvent traditional jewelry silhouettes, playing with symmetry and shapes for jewelry that revels in the seductively subversive.

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06.Sarah Madeleine Bru

(Image credit: Sarah Madeleine Bru)

“I don’t really define this project as a brand, but more as a personal collection, since I started designing for myself and my friends,” says Sarah Madeleine Bru, who draws on her experience designing objects and jewelry for her namesake jewelry brand.

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07. Jesse Thomas

(Image credit: press)

London-based jewelry designer Jessie Thomas brings sleek modernity to traditional silhouettes with pieces that celebrate quirks, from unexpected stone settings to luscious clusters of diamonds.

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08. Praise

(Image credit: Laud)

Awah brings an unconventional sensibility to jewelry design with her Laud brand. Established four years ago, the emerging jewelry brand weaves together a range of influences for pieces that play with geometry and rethink traditional motifs.

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09. Nayestones

(Image credit: Press)

“Not doing something that everyone else has already done is the biggest challenge for me when it comes to designing jewelry,” says Natalie Schayes of Belgian fine jewelry brand Nayestones.

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10. Moushé

(Image credit: TBC)

Nabiha Yousuf draws from her roots in Pakistan for the Moushe jewelry brand. Vivid colors, sultry shapes, and curvy silhouettes encapsulate her bold aesthetic, creating versatile pieces that are fun to wear.

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