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Jennifer Aniston Says Comedy is Tricky Nowadays



Aniston talks about how comedy has changed over the years

After more than three decades of doing comedy, Jennifer Aniston believes that comedy has evolved so much that it’s difficult to be funny these days. Aniston, who played Rachel Green in the hit sitcom, Friends, told AFP via Yahoo News, that comedians have to be very careful now, whereas before, they could joke about a bigot and have a laugh.

The Sensitivities of Today’s Audience

Aniston added that the sensitivity of today’s audience makes it hard for comedians to make fun of life, make fun of themselves or even find things that are funny. According to Aniston, jokes about things that were hysterical in the past are no longer allowed in comedy because of the woke culture. The actress pointed out that some kids today find episodes of Friends to be offensive, although there were things that were never intentional.

The Importance of Humour

Despite the challenges that come with comedy in today’s world, Jennifer Aniston believes that funny is needed now more than ever. She concluded that everyone needs humour, and the world can’t take itself too seriously, especially since everyone in the United States is far too divided. Aniston’s latest project with Adam Sandler is Murder Mystery 2, where the two solve another murder.



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