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Jennifer Aniston’s Sexiest Career Moments: From Friends to The Break-Up



Becoming a Household Name

Jennifer Aniston became a household name back in 1995 when Friends launched and became the worldwide phenomenon we know it as today. The Rachel Green actress quickly gained popularity as a style icon and she even managed to influence a whole generation of women to copy her iconic voluminous “lob” hairstyle. Women wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her, and who could blame them? Jen has gone on to have a glittering Hollywood career and during her time in the industry, she’s stripped off a number of times to commit to her roles.

Rachel Gets Naked

For her iconic Rolling Stone photoshoot in 1996, Jennifer ditched all of her clothes and put her killer figure on full display. Aniston wore her hair in her signature “lob” style, with honey blonde highlights that framed her face and a face of barely-there makeup that highlighted her natural beauty. She flirted with the camera and flashed a Mona Lisa smile as she posed on a bed covered in white linen, her naked body peeking out behind her as she held her hand in the air.

We’re The Millers

Back in 2013, We’re The Millers hit cinemas and filmgoers were left completely in awe of Aniston’s saucy lingerie scene. Jennifer played stripper Rose O’Reilly in the crime comedy alongside Jason Sudekis, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. The fake family was put together by Jason’s character David in hopes of throwing his neighbours off the scent to help him smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. In one unforgettable scene, Rose is forced to prove that she is a stripper and not actually David’s wife. Jennifer threw off her clothes and revealed her toned, tanned figure hiding underneath. She wore a matching white bra and knickers as she performed in the warehouse to try and convince onlookers that she was actually a dancer. Both audiences and characters in the scene were completely transfixed by Jennifer’s performance and she spoke out about how she prepared for the role.

Cheeky Shower Scene

Aniston loves to tease her fans and this cheeky shower scene left them stunned. The Hollywood star snapped herself in the bathroom as the shower water ran over her head and down her back. Jennifer reached up and faced the water as she washed, surrounded by a lush white marble wall and her own brand of Lolavie hair products.

Small Bikini, Big Impact

For her Allure cover shoot, Jennifer wore the tiniest bikini known to man as she gave a power pose for the publication. She styled her long blonde hair over her shoulders and shot a stern look at the camera, hand on her hip as she stared down the camera. The actress held her other arm up over her head and wore minimal makeup for the super sexy shoot. Jennifer paired her teeny tiny bikini top with low waisted trousers that perfectly highlighted her washboard abs and svelte shape.

Rolling Stone Hall of Fame

Arguably one of Jennifer’s most iconic photoshoots, Aniston worked the camera like never before for her 1999 Rolling Stone cover. It’s fair to say Jen has gone down in the Rolling Stone hall of fame for her 1996 and 1999 covers. Her hourglass shape was accentuated by a bright red corset embellished with sequins.

The Break-Up

The Break-Up saw Jennifer strip off once again for a Hollywood role, during which she starred alongside Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. In the film, she got completely naked for one scene and viewers were speechless at what they saw. The Friends star’s figure was put on full display as she teased with a sultry shot of her back and just enough skin to leave very little to the imagination.

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