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Jacob Zuma’s Private Prosecution of Advocate and Journalist Heads to Pietermaritzburg High Court



Allegations of Leaked Medical Information and Ulterior Motives

Former South African President Jacob Zuma has accused State advocate Billy Downer and journalist Karyn Maughan of breaching the NPA Act by leaking confidential medical information to Maughan. Both Downer and Maughan have brought applications to have the summonses they were served reviewed and set aside.

Judgment Reserved as Case Wraps Up

The Pietermaritzburg High Court will now decide the fate of Zuma’s private prosecution. The accused parties argue that Zuma is abusing the court process and bringing the prosecution with ulterior motives, leading to heated exchanges during the two-day proceedings.

Zuma and his co-counsel argued for almost five hours, leaving only 15 minutes for Maughan and Downer’s counsel to make their final submissions. Advocate Steven Budlender, representing Maughan, then called into question how they would do so, prompting another round of exchanges. Ultimately, judgment has been reserved.



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