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Israel discovers a 3,000-year-old seal beetle



Israel Antiquities Authority

– A scarab seal, dating back 3,000 years, has been discovered in the central Israeli city of Azor, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said on Wednesday.

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The beetle, found by the students during a tour guide course, was made of earthenware, a silicate material coated with a bluish-green glaze and designed in the shape of the common dung beetle.

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IAA archaeologists concluded that it was made by a Canaanite artist, inspired by the Egyptian Empire that then ruled the local Canaanites, as scarabs were an Egyptian symbol of power and status.

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The newly found scarab, likely attached to a necklace or ring, shows a clearly incised scene of two figures, one seated on a chair and the other standing with her arm raised above the seated person, the IAA described.

The standing figure has an elongated head, probably representing the crown of an Egyptian pharaoh, in a snapshot of a scene in which the pharaoh confers authority on a local Canaanite subject. ■


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