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Inside the Bank Accounts of Two Controversial South African Political Leaders



Julius Malema: Outspoken and Wealthy

Julius Malema is perhaps one of the most controversial political leaders in the country. While he has a lot of critics, he has an almost equal amount of supporters. He also has a fat bank account.

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The current Economic Freedom Fighter rose to prominence in the political sphere as an ANC member and Jacob Zuma’s right-hand man. These days he is less like a wingman and more like a frontline man leading his team of millions of supporters. With fame came a whole lot of money and expensive clothes and cars — as one would expect. But exactly how much does Malema have in the bank?

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According to Zalebs, Malema is worth a cool R45 million.

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Nhlanhla Lux: A Rags-to-Riches Story

Nhlanhla “Lux” Mohlauli is known for leading the Operation Dudula Movement, which was dedicated to removing foreigners from their homes in South Africa and demanding they return to their home countries. When he is not fighting foreigners, the Soweto-born activist lives a comfortable life with a considerable amount of money in his account.

Nhlanha Lux had been an activist for years but only shot to prominence with his views on foreigners living in South Africa. He quickly built a large group of followers who looked up to him and admired his rags-to-riches story, having found considerable success within the aviation industry reportedly renting private jets and planes to high-end clients. He is also a pilot and an esteemed businessman.

Indeed, things were not always looking up for Nhlanhla whose mother reportedly worked as a domestic cleaner. Speaking about his childhood, Nhlanhla remembered having a lot less than most. “I would see kids with boxes of lunches that were much bigger and healthier than what my family could eat,” he previously told Africa News. Those days are long behind Nhlanhla who is worth an estimated R18 million – not bad but not quite the winner of this versus battle.

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