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Importance of Sporting Activities in Fostering Oneness and National Cohesion: Governor Seyi Makinde



Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State highlighted the significance of sporting activities in promoting unity and national cohesion among participants. Represented by the commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Salihu Adelabu, the governor emphasized that sports have the power to unite more than anything else and play a crucial role in the lives of individuals.

The governor expressed his satisfaction that numerous Polytechnics across Nigeria were participating in the 21st Edition of NIBTE/NIPOSSGA Games, and assured that the state government had adequately provided for all contingents. He encouraged all participants to take full advantage of the Games and appreciate the supportive environment created by the Oyo State government.

Furthermore, the governor urged participants to exhibit courtesy and maintain orderliness throughout the games. He also extended his prayers for their safe return to their respective destinations.

During his speech, NIPOSSGA National President, Mr. Frederick Yamala, highlighted that the NIBTE/NIPOSSGA Games serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, intercultural engagement, and the promotion of physical and mental well-being among senior staff members of Nigerian Polytechnics. He commended the Polytechnic of Ibadan for providing a conducive environment for the event.

The Rector of the Polytechnic, Ibadan, Prof. Kazeem Adeniyi, warmly welcomed all staff members from Nigerian Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology to the institution. He emphasized that the games offer an opportunity for institutions to connect, relax, and unwind after years of academic and administrative stress.

The highly anticipated games featured various sporting activities and attracted participants from 30 different educational institutions, including Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Technology, and other stakeholders.

In the opening football match between Federal Polytechnic, Offa and the Ibadan Polytechnic, the former emerged victorious with a score of 2-0.

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