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Implications of Planetary Changes and AstroApps for March



March is set to be a major turning point in the year with three planets set to change signs.

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Mars will transit to Cancer (after seven months in Gemini), Saturn to Pisces (after three years in Aquarius), and Pluto to Aquarius (before retrograding back permanently to Aquarius in 2024).

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Jupiter is also due to move signs in May (after being in Aries a year).

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In addition to this, Mercury will enter its retrograde phase in April.

Astrologer and app-creator Susan Miller offers her advice to make the most of this changing cosmic climate.

Miller’s two apps, “Astrology Zone Horoscopes” and “Moonlight Phases” provide insightful and detailed forecasts.

The first is offered in a free or paid subscription version with many more features in the paid version.

The second is a one time payment of $7.99 offering information until 2050 about the phases of moon.

This feature also notifies users when the moon is void so that planned activities can be avoided.

Miller also encourages using the GPS on her apps for location-based information as well as turning on notifications for both apps for maximum effect.

Additionally, Miller addresses readers on the cost of her yearly calendar.

She reassures that she is not making money from the shipping cost, as fuel is expensive.

The calendar costs $26.00 and is made entirely in U.S.

However, when bought internationally, the cost of VAT can be higher than the cost of the calendar itself.

Miller recommends avoiding the USPS “Media Mail” as it is slow, unreliabile and includes no tracking.

Ultimately, she suggests using FedEx for its tracking and gold standard, or USPS for its lower shipping cost.

With this, Miller stresses that no matter the choice, readers should contact her if any defective items arise.

To sum up, this March will herald in many changes in the cosmic sphere and Susan Miller provides her apps and a yearly calendar to help understand them better.

She advises to use her apps to their full potential as well as caution while choosing a shipping option when ordering her calendar.



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