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$2039 Cardi B/Offset Meal: Cheeseburger, BBQ, Coke & Quarter Pounder, Hi-C



The Cardi B & Offset Meal costs $20.39 and includes both celebrities’ favorite McDonald’s menu items.

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Cardi B’s favorites include a cheeseburger, barbecue sauce, and a large Coke, while Offset lists a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as his go-tos. The meal also includes a large fry and an apple pie to share.

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When I first heard about the meal, I was admittedly a little disappointed. This is the latest McDonald’s celebrity meal combo to not include any new menu items.

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The highly popular Travis Scott-inspired “Cactus Jack” meal — a standard Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, fries, and a Sprite — included no new items when it was released in September 2020. However,  the meal cost less than the individual items would usually: $6, excluding tax and fees.

Saweetie’s meal, which was released in August 2021, also didn’t technically include any new items, but it at least called on customers to customize their Big Mac by adding fries to the sandwich.

The most innovative celebrity meal, in my opinion, came from BTS‘ collaboration in May 2021. The meal came with a brand-new Cajun sauce and sweet-chili sauce for the nuggets and fries. The sauces were hand-picked by the members of BTS and inspired by the menu of McDonald’s in South Korea. The sauces were strictly limited-edition, and some fans spent upwards of double the regular cost of the meal on resold McDonald’s bags and sauces from eBay.

While I love a Quarter Pounder as much as the next person, I wish the meal would have incentivized some sort of customization.

It would have been much more exciting to try a new topping like bacon or lettuce, like in the Travis Scott meal, or add some sort of sauce to the burger. Instead, it was just a standard Quarter Pounder with cheese.

I feared this burger would be even more boring in terms of flavor profile than the Quarter Pounder with cheese.

“Whether it’s going for a date night or grabbing a bite after late-night studio sessions … I’m always asking Offset to take me to McDonald’s,” Cardi B said in a press release announcing the meal. “And now, Offset and I have a meal named after us! I want all my fans to try it – especially with that BBQ sauce.”

However, given that the burger already comes with a generous amount of ketchup and mustard, the result of my decision to add the barbecue sauce was a slightly soggy bun.

While the cheeseburger might work as a quick bite, I’m not sure it impresses as a date-night entrée.

McDonald’s fries are among my favorite fast-food menu items, so I was happy the meal came with a large fry for sharing.

You can customize your order to include a drink of your choice, but I decided to stick to Cardi B and Offset’s choices.

I wish the burgers had been more customized, and I also felt that instead of a cheeseburger, the second burger option could have been a little more substantial. I know that if I was sharing this meal with someone, we could potentially go to blows over who gets the Quarter Pounder — a less-than-romantic scenario, in my opinion.

Insider reached out to McDonald’s for comment but did not get an immediate response.


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