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HURIWA hails Nigerian army on operational successes



The National Coordinator of the Nigerian Human Rights Writers Association (HURIWA), Emmanuel Onwubiko, praised the Nigerian Army for its recent successes against the country’s enemies.

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Onwubiko gave the eulogy as he led a delegation to pay a courtesy visit to the Chief of Staff of the Army (COAS), Lt. Gen. Faruk Yahaya, on Thursday in Abuja.

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He said the visit was to acknowledge that Yahaya’s emergence as COAS had led to sustaining the war on terror with renewed energy, zeal, patriotism, speed and precision.

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The HURIWA coordinator expressed his confidence that Nigeria will achieve a great victory against terrorists and other criminals in a short time.

He praised the army chief for promoting strategic partnership and harmonious relations between all segments of the military to address insecurity.

“We acknowledge that just after his appointment a few months ago, he allegedly paid visits to sister agencies within the Nigerian armed forces.

“We also know that in other areas, the Army Chief of Staff has recorded phenomenal milestones, particularly with specific reference to personnel wellness, and we urge him to uphold this qualitative wellness policy.

“Wellness is everything and it is the tonic that motivates the workforce to give their best,” he said.

Onwubiko condemned the attacks against military and other security personnel in parts of the country.

He urged the Nigerian military to promote dialogue and adopt faster and more transparent mechanisms for resolving issues related to allegations of human rights violations in internal security operations.

Onwubiko also urged the military to take a law-based and forensic approach to dealing with suspects.

According to him, the Nigerian military is a creation of the constitution and the grand rule does not tolerate impunity and lawlessness.

He also urged the military to ensure that no officer or soldier is found aiding or abetting any act of arson, vandalism or unprofessional conduct.

He added that troops had a duty to intervene in any situation to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

In response, the Chief of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant General. Yahaya praised HURIWA for finding him worthy of interacting with the Nigerian military.

Yahaya said that the constitutional mandate of the armed forces is to ensure the territorial integrity of Nigeria, as well as assist the civil authority when requested.

He said that, over the years, the military has carried out its constitutional responsibility in a professional manner within its code of conduct.

COAS assured HURIWA that all army operations were conduct-guided, adding that it became aware of infractions or infractions during operations.

He said that the establishment of the Department of Military Civil Affairs and Human Rights Offices and other outlets was made to handle all issues related to human rights.

These, according to him, are aimed at ensuring that army personnel are more professionally trained and more competent in their operations.

He urged the team to always verify information about any occurrence and authenticate before posting it.

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