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HUNGER Catches up with Shaun Evans, Founder of Magoozine



London has long been known as a vibrant and inclusive city for the queer community, attracting people from all over the world. The city’s diverse and exciting queer nightlife scene offers a variety of options for those looking to have a good time. Among the rising stars in the photography world is Shaun Evans, founder of Magoozine, a self-proclaimed ‘nightclub paparazzi’ known for capturing the essence of London’s queer nightlife.

Shaun Evans, originally from Birmingham but now a proud Londoner, has made a name for himself by photographing drag royalty such as Bimini Bon Boulash and Tayce, as well as the many other fascinating individuals who contribute to London’s vibrant queer culture. With his trusty 35mm film camera, Evans provides a glimpse into the thrilling and sometimes wild world of queer nightlife.

HUNGER recently had the opportunity to catch up with Evans during London Fashion Week to discuss his work and inspiration behind Magoozine. When asked what inspired him to start capturing the queer nightlife scene, Evans explained that it was his personal experiences and interactions with the beautiful and inspiring people he met while immersing himself into club culture after the lockdown.

“Through meeting each of these individuals, consciously and subconsciously, I was learning my own identity as a queer person,” Evans said. “Having photographs was a way of documenting that journey visually.”

Evans didn’t always envision himself as a photographer, but he followed his instincts and found a way to connect with like-minded individuals and express himself creatively through his work. He describes Magoozine as capturing the fleeting moments of club encounters, reminding viewers of the connections made in a party setting.

While Evans’s charisma and ability to approach people in clubs make for great photos, he believes that this quality carries through into his everyday life as well. He loves connecting with new people and making them feel good, and Magoozine allows him to do just that.

When asked about his process for making people feel comfortable during a photoshoot, Evans explained that it comes naturally to him because he is genuinely interested and excited about each person he photographs. Taking the time to have a conversation with the subject before taking the photo helps establish a connection, which is then translated into the image itself.

Switching to a more serious topic, HUNGER asked Evans about his thoughts on the safety of the queer community in London. While he believes that London has some of the best queer vibes in the world and a strong sense of community, he also acknowledges the alarming increase in violence against the queer community, especially towards transgender individuals. Evans believes that it’s essential for the community to come together and fight against these attacks.

Looking towards the future, Evans hopes to see more queer spaces available to the community. He emphasizes the importance of these spaces in helping queer individuals discover and embrace their identities.

Evans draws inspiration from photographer Nelson Sullivan, who documented the 80s New York club scene. Sullivan’s effortless and authentic style taught Evans the value of capturing moments from his own point of view, without trying too hard or forcing it.

When it comes to choosing film over digital photography, Evans explains that he loves the spontaneity and “in the moment” quality of film. Not knowing how the photo turned out until it’s developed allows both the photographer and the subject to stay present in the moment, rather than analyzing the image for flaws or mistakes.

Although Evans started Magoozine in Birmingham, he felt drawn to London by the opportunities and energy that the city offers. Despite now being based in London, he still considers Birmingham home and values the connections he’s made within the creative scene there.

As for future cities to explore, Evans has his sights set on Berlin and New York. He is eager to immerse himself in the nightlife scenes of these cities and capture the unique characters he encounters. However, for now, he is content exploring all that London has to offer.

Finally, when asked about his dream subject to photograph for Magoozine, Evans immediately mentions the iconic Grace Jones. He admires her diva status and imagines that she would have an iconic reaction to being asked to pose for Magoozine.


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