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Huawei and Monty Mobile form strategic partnership, starting with Comium – The Gambia



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Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile (, the fast-growing global telecommunications company providing innovative technology and communication solutions, has partnered with Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, to further elevate the network.

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of the Gambian certified GSM mobile operator, Comium, with innovative products and solutions.

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Earlier this year, Monty Mobile officially took over the management and operations of Comium with a vision to revolutionize the operator’s offering, paving the way for 5G network technology.

Monty Mobile chose the Gambia and Comium operation as both have the key attributes to showcase a successful model where Gambia will be Monty Mobile’s gateway to West Africa.

On the occasion, Mr. Lionel Liu, CEO of Huawei West Africa, stated: “We are looking forward to this new long-term collaboration with Monty Mobile, which will be a turning point in the renovation of Comium Gambia’s telecommunication infrastructure and the beginning of many future projects.

in line with its vision of expanding its operation throughout the African market.” Monty Mobile Gambia COO and CEO, Mr. Marwan Khoury, added: “The choice of Huawei, the world’s leading ICT infrastructure provider, as Monty Mobile’s strategic partner, starting with Comium, is in line with our ICT vision for the African market.

As The Gambia is our gateway to Africa, we will ensure that our success story paves the way for expansion throughout the region.

We will showcase state-of-the-art business services tailored to the market as we approach it in a way that is highly relevant to the people of The Gambia and from The Gambia to the rest of Africa.” This exciting new venture is just the beginning of a substantial transformation set to unfold in 2023 as Monty Mobile aims to pioneer the latest cutting edge technology in the African market.

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