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Greece Sacks National Police Chief Amid Criticism of Handling of Protests



Public Criticism of Police

The chief’s discharge comes amid widespread public criticism which the police are facing due to how they are handling demonstrations over the February 28 tragedy.

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Sacking of National Police Chief

Days after the clashes between security forces and demonstrators broke out following the country’s deadliest train tragedy, Greece announced on Saturday that it sacked its national police chief.

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Introducing New Police Chief

“The appointment of a new police chief aims (to introduce) a more positive and efficient implementation of modern police operational plans on citizen safety,” the PM’s office said.

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Police Brutality During Protests

A riot police squad was filmed in the latest protest on Thursday charging and striking peaceful demonstrators at the central Syntagma Square in Athens.

Deadly Train Tragedy

A head-on collision in Evangelismos, Greece, on Tuesday, between “a freight train and the IC 62 train which departed from Athens to Thessaloniki” led to the death of at least 32 people and injured 85 others, according to local authorities.

Efforts to Put Out Fires

Local fire departments employed at least 17 vehicles, 150 firefighters, 40 ambulances, and 15 police cars in an effort to put out the blazing fires caused by the disaster.

Legal Consequences for Officials

Three railway officials and the stationmaster who was on duty were charged and will possibly face a life sentence.



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