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“Go Somewhere Else”: Drew Timme’s Curse on TruTV



Timme’s Frustration

“If people have a problem with that, they can go… go somewhere else.” Gonzaga star Drew Timme said those words before screaming in excitement and pumping his fist in celebration. The outburst came during a timeout in the team’s Sweet 16 game against Creighton and was captured live on TruTV. Timme’s intensity and excitement are part of what makes him one of college basketball’s most dynamic players.

Censored for TV

“Go somewhere else” in that context feels like an incredible movie-curse-altered-for-TV line, like “This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!” or “Yippee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon.” Everyone knew what Timme meant. But he got that across without saying it. And that led to Shehadi and announcer Kevin Harlan both cackling, understandably.

Cable vs Broadcast

While TruTV doesn’t typically draw the same viewer numbers as other networks, it’s still part of basic cable, where the Federal Communications Commission is much less concerned about cursing. By contrast, Gonzaga-UCLA was on broadcast CBS, so it’s nice to not even have to have the discussion about potential FCC complaints.

Cursing on Broadcast TV

Even when cursing does happen on broadcast TV, though, the volume of complaints only really gets notable if it’s something like the Super Bowl (which also draws complaints even for things like Adam Levine without a shirt). What the FCC really cares about, and really fines people for, is misuse of emergency alert tones. So, as long as players avoid that, they should be fine.

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