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GMB Hosts Have Difficult Time Masking Political Views During Interview with Nigel Farage



Nigel Farage appeared on ITV‘s Good Morning Britain today, which host Lorraine Kelly had promised she would not comment on.

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Ed Balls and Susanna Reid, the presenters, found it a challenge to not express their political views when interviewing the Brexit frontman.

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Farage was on the show to talk about the latest Brexit changes, which could cause a hard border across Northern Ireland.

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Ed Balls asked whether the politician could “just retire now”.

Reid chimed in, saying “Brexit is done, the final piece of the jigsaw has been placed, you can hang up your gloves, it’s all over.”

Farage countered with the Prime Minister’s plans that “sounded terrific”, and that he would like to see people in both Belfast and London able to eat the same sausages on cocktail sticks.

Reid surprised viewers with her expression of amusement despite Farage’s comment.

Farage then remarked that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had not been truthful to the DUP.

As the interview ended, Reid quipped about the public’s Brexhaustion, which viewers took to social media to express their discontent with Farage.

Reid and Balls had a hard time holding their tongues, but showed their true opinions in the aftermath of the conversation.



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