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Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo helps contestant with Michael McIntyre question on The Wheel



Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo helps The Wheel contestant answer question about host Michael McIntyre

Panel of celebrity experts assist members of the public to answer questions

The Wheel viewers were left in disbelief tonight after Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo helped a contestant answer a question about host Michael McIntyre. As usual, a panel of celebrity experts joined the show tonight to assist members of the public to answer questions, with each star having their own specialist subject.

Joel Dommett’s specialist subject is Michael McIntyre

Whilst Toff’s expertise lay in fashion, comedian Joel Dommett had an expert on a very unusual topic – Michael McIntyre. “Joel, you’ve selected me as your expertise,” Michael said. “I am very touched by this, but surprised as well, you feel like you’re an expert on me?”

Joel replied: “Sort of, I feel like I’m kind of an expert. I’m a big fan of yours, I think you’re absolutely incredible and proud of everything you do.”

“But now, I’ve realised I’m here, it’s sort of a lose-lose situation. I either do badly and that’s bad, or I do well and I come across as some sort of stalker where I know too much about you and you’re scared that I’ll be in your bushes outside your house.”

Contestant selects category of Michael McIntyre

It was time to put some questions to tonight’s contestants, and management consultant Shraddha from West Sussex was first up. The self-taught Bollywood dancer admitted that she was “leaning more towards” the Michael McIntyre category.

“I want to know what the questions are going to be,” she told Michael.

“Me too, I’m dying to know what the questions are,” he replied. “Our expert is possible stalker Joel Dommett and he is in gold… now, who do you think from this wheel is not a fan of me? Who do you think is simply here for the money?”

Shraddha decided to shut down Robert Peston, before The Wheel was spun, with a computer pre-determining which celebrity expert it would land on. Eventually, it landed on Torquay-born Made in Chelsea star Toff.

Toff helps contestant with Michael’s middle name

For £3,000, Shraddha and Toff were asked to solve the dilemma of what one of Michael’s middle names is, with the answer being either Hazen, Dazen, Lazen or Crazen. Whilst Michael joked that he was “going to quickly check his passport”, Toff confessed she had no idea what to go for.

“Darling, really obviously it’s a huge stab in the dark,” she said. “Huge fan darling but I don’t know your middle name.”

Shraddha then admitted that she thought it was either Hazen or Dazen, ultimately locking in the former as her answer. “I think Hazen but, I mean, I just don’t know,” Toff said. “I love a really weird middle name so I love you even more now.”

It was then revealed that one of Michael’s middle name really is Hazen, with his other being the much more common name of James. Meanwhile, fans questioned whether the host had ever been a topic on any game show on Twitter.

Viewers react to the episode

“Has the host of a quiz ever been a category on their own show?” asked Simon.

“Questions about the host and Bezzy bees,” Gerard Mackay said. “This is already an odd episode.”

Mel wrote: “Watching #TheWheel and with @joeldommett having #MichaelMcIntyre as his topic and possibly knowing more than Michael knows – I mean Joel being a stalker may not be far from the truth.

“Hazen as a middle though Michael? That’s WILD. Love it!”

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