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Gambia: President Barrow Urges Farmers to Locally Sell their Produce



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People Tour

On the second day of the President’s 2022 Meet the People Tour, President Barrow embarked on several site visits, which included the new Governor’s office and Residence in Kerewan, the PIA training centre also in kerewan and the Kerr Kuta farms in Kuntair.

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Kerr Kuta

At the Kerr Kuta farms, President Barrow was taken on a tour of the farm, where young people from the village are engaged in vegetable farming, poultry and small ruminant production.

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He commended Mr. Abu khan, a native of Kerr Kuta, for funding the project, thus employing the community youths.

Badibu Gunjur

The President then proceeded to the day’s first meeting in Badibu Gunjur, informing the crowd that the government would introduce D4000 more on the price for a ton of groundnut.

This will increase the price from D28,000 in 2021 to D32,000.

This initiative supports farmers in gaining good profits from their harvest.

The President said the government had spent 500 million Dalasi on fertiliser subsidies between 2021-2022.

He urged farmers to sell their produce locally and not to foreign vendors.

President Barrow

President Barrow expressed similar sentiments at the day’s second meeting in Farafenni, where he further urged Gambians to support the country’s development efforts.

Honorable Minister for Gender

The Honorable Minister for Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Fatou Kinteh, who spoke at one of the meetings, announced the disbursement of over 7 million dalasis in support funds to more than 50 women groups through the Women Enterprise Fund initiative.

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