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France says Macron to speak to Biden, Scholz, Zelensky



French President

French President Emmanuel Macron will speak with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the presidents of Ukraine and the United States on Saturday as fears mount that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, Macron’s office said.

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Russian President

Macron emphasized during a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the West would react with “determination” if Russia invaded Ukraine, he added.

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French presidential advisers said Paris believed that Putin believed “it was not he who took the initiative in the escalation,” but the West that moved closer to the Russian border.

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Putin’s goal was to achieve the “neutralization of Ukraine. He knows that this is unacceptable (to the West) and that his military exercises carry the risk of further escalation,” they said.

He remained demanding and provocative “nevertheless taking care to keep all his options open,” they added.

France would strengthen advice to its citizens to avoid traveling to Ukraine, but would not ask them to leave the country, the president’s office said.

Source Credit: TheGuardian

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