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Focus, sacrifice key to Nigeria’s industrialisation- ZEETIN boss



Focus, sacrifice key to Nigeria’s industrialisation- ZEETIN boss

The key to Nigeria‘s industrialization has been described as the focus and personal sacrifice of the country’s elite.

Azibaola Robert, CEO of ZEETIN Engineering, a precision engineering, technology and heavy duty company, made this known during a site visit on Friday in Abuja.

Precision engineering deals with the design of machines, accessories and other structures that have exceptional low tolerances, are repeatable and stable over time.

Ensures longer service life along with less wear or fatigue, providing better service life compared to hand-made parts.

Robert said that Nigeria would become the center of Africa’s industrialization when appropriate and calculated steps were taken for investment and R&D in Nigeria.

“Making Nigeria an industrialized nation requires commitment and passion. Precision engineering is a capital intensive investment. I would have liked to buy private jets or yachts or any luxury lifestyle, but I decided to invest in this company.

“I felt why I should keep buying things that we should normally be making in Nigeria. Yes, we cannot invent the wheel, but we can use our research and develop what we can. Instead of importing finished items needed by industries, why not buy machines that can make and replicate these items?

“If many wealthy Nigerians invest in such companies, we can complement the efforts of various governments to solve the unemployment challenge and save scarce foreign exchange,” he said.

Precision machining relies on the use of advanced computerized machine tools to achieve exacting tolerances and create complex geometric cuts with a high degree of repeatability and precision.

This can be accomplished through the use of automated computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

Zeetin is a Nigerian precision engineering company that has built a state-of-the-art factory in Abuja to develop and advance technology to compete with the rest of the world.

It has installed the most sophisticated production machines in the Nigerian metal industry.

The company will function as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Nigeria and will produce large-scale industrial products for the automotive, aeronautical, aviation, rail, marine and agricultural sectors.

Robert said: “Zeetin strives to be to Nigeria what Toyota, Samsung, LG are to South Korea, or Boeing is to the United States, or Mercedes is to Germany as industries of national pride.

“Zeetin will train a number of young people in areas of design ideas and innovation and bring those idea centers to life for young people to turn their ideas into real products.”

Source: NAN

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