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Flooding: Victims commend NIWA for providing boats



National Inland Waterways Authority

Some victims of flooding and residents of Kogi on Saturday commended the management of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) for releasing two boats that ferry victims to Koton-Karfe, Kogi.

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News Agency

Some of the victims that spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria at Koton-Karfe described the gesture as a “big relief”.

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Natako and Koton-Karfe

They noted that the intervention was timely given the hardship in the gridlock between Natako and Koton-Karfe on the Abuja-Lokoja highway.

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Musa Yusuf

Alhaji Musa Yusuf, an Abuja based businessman, said that he had been stranded in Kogi for three days as a result of the gridlock.

“I’m so grateful to the management of NIWA for the initiative and release of the ferry boats to enable some us to cross over to Koton-Karfe, where we can pick a car to continue with our trip.

“You may not believe it that I left Lagos on Wednesday morning only to get held up here in Lokoja.

“But by God’s grace I shall get to Abuja to join my family today,” Yusuf said.

Joan Dele

Mrs Joan Dele, a public servant, said that she didn’t know about the boat services being offered by NIWA until a friend told her about it after she had lost the hope of traveling to Kaduna to see her daughter in a school.

“In fact, I’m so glad that we can have this kind of free service to help us to over come the challenges of the devastating flooding.

“You can see how happy those of us who jumped off the boat here at Koton-Karfe are; as from here we can take a vehicle that will take us to Zuba park in Abuja,” she said.

Jibril Dardau

Speaking on the boat services, Mr Jibril Dardau, NIWA General Manager, Corporate Affairs, said that it was out of the concern of the authority on the plights of victims of the flood in Kogi.

Murtala Mohammed Bridge

“We realised that motorists and commutters were finding it difficult to cross over Murtala Mohammed Bridge to get to Koton-Karfe due the flooded Abuja-Lokoja highway.

Our Managing Director

“Our Managing Director, Dr George Moghalu on Wednesday, gave a directive for the release of the boats to provide services for stranded travellers in Ganaja Village, Lokoja and Koton Karfe of Kogi, ” he explained.

Ganaja Village

Dardau said that the take-off point to either Koton-Karfe or Ganaja Village is the authority’s Dock Yard at 8 a.

m, 10 a.


and noon on daily basis.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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