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Flood: NACCIMA seeks support for Olam, other businesses



The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (NACCIMA), has urged the Federal Government and other relevant agencies to support Olam Limited, Nigeria and other businesses affected by flooding in Nasarawa.

Its Director-General, Mr Olusola Obadimu, made the plea on Monday in Lagos, in his reactions to the Nasarawa flood incident that led to severe losses of food and properties by businesses domiciled in the area.

Obadimu said the call was important because in recent years, Olam Farms had contributed significantly to the nation’s rice consumption.

He said the flood occurrences revealed the possible implications of disregarding the Sustainable Development Goals Seven (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate Action) were manifesting globally, particularly in African nations and Nigeria.

Obadimu said, this in turn, was causing an increase in the failure to achieve other goals.

He said that though, the 20 million dollar investment was completely insured, the impact of the disaster on the company, the surroundings and the threat to the depreciating environment and its topography could not be overstated.

The director-general advised that the parts that have not been completely submerged at Olam Farm might need some form of immediate rehabilitation.

“We regret the recent flooding in the Doma Local Government and other areas of Nasarawa, reportedly caused by the River Benue overflowing its banks.

“This incident has resulted in a significant loss for various businesses and properties around the area.

“We recognise the contributions of OLAM FARM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to their host communities, as well as the significance of their farm to food production and the agricultural value chain.

“We also recognise the presence of other businesses around this area stretching all the way to the banks of Rivers Confluence in Kogi State that were direly affected.

“We urge the Federal and affected States Governments, together with relevant government agencies to promptly put in place measures capable of supporting the farm and other businesses around in their salvaging and recovery efforts,” he said.

The NACCIMA chief urged a higher level of responsiveness and absolute regard for NiMET’s warnings about climate change by being more proactive.

He said though, there were natural disasters in other climes, they were usually better managed through proactive steps to ensure minimal damages to both human and material resources.

Obadimu added that significant measures by those climes would protect investments that ensure livelihood for thousands of citizens around disaster-prone areas.

“Nigerians and private businesses must take climate change seriously, particularly concerning the need to minimise Carbon Dioxide emissions and in their corporate responsibilities to promote and advocate the climate change agenda, as well as promote, ultimately, the use of alternative green energy sources in Nigeria,” he said.

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