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Finally, Peter Obi publishes campaign manifesto – THISDAYLIVE



*Campaign of anchors on security, production, institutional reforms, industrial revolution, three others

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Labor Party

Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi has finally released his campaign manifesto for his 2023 presidential bid.
THISDAY gathered that the document can be officially released to the public today, barring unforeseen circumstances.
The 62-page manifesto is titled ‘Our Pact with Nigerians: Creating a New Nigeria’.


Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed

According to the document, Obi’s campaign is based on seven thematic areas of security, production, institutional reforms, industrial revolution, infrastructure development, human capital development, as well as a sound foreign policy.
Specifically, Obi and his vice-presidential candidate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, pledged to “secure and unite our beloved nation, and manage our diversity so that no one is left behind in Nigeria.

Move Nigeria

“Move Nigeria from consumption to production and embark on comprehensive legal and institutional reforms and viable restructuring measures to fight corruption; guarantee the enthronement of the rule of law and decisively tackle all forms of corruption”.
The LP candidates also vowed to “prioritize human capital development through robust investments in STEM education, healthcare, and infrastructure development, with an emphasis on wealth creation and distribution, and sustainable development.

“Improve access to financing, particularly for MSMEs, youth and women, to significantly reduce unemployment and insecurity.
“Make sure that in policy and practice, governance is more inclusive, cost-effective, transformative and less transactional. No more sharing of national wealth among a few”, among other promises.

He also pledged to “Ensure that our diversity is harnessed to give women and youth, the elderly and people with disabilities an unrestricted voice in government and a renewed sense of patriotism and faith in Nigeria.
While insisting that a new Nigeria is still possible, he said: “Our vision is a secure, united and prosperous Nigeria that works for all and realizes the hope of black people around the world as a city on a hill.
“We will lead a government of national unity, bringing together for the task at hand all competent, honest and diligent Nigerians, regardless of their political affiliations.

“The new Nigeria we build will truly be ‘a nation united in freedom, peace and unity’ where ‘peace and justice’ will reign.
According to Obi, for too long, the dream of a secure, united and prosperous Nigeria has been betrayed by those who lack the character and competence to achieve the dream.

He noted that today, a new generation of tried and tested, honest and dedicated Nigerian leaders has emerged, united in a common mission to reverse the current ugly trend of endemic poverty and insecurity, and create a better future for all Nigerians.
Obi expressed his confidence that “the new Nigeria we will build is a society in which political power will no longer be used to serve the interests of the ruling class and subject people to chronic poverty and deprivation.

Yunusa Tanko

However, Obi-Datti’s presidential campaign council spokesman Yunusa Tanko, who confirmed the authenticity of the campaign document to THIS DAY, noted that the manifesto document is likely to be released today.

Business School

“The director made a summary publication of the document at the Business School meeting he held in Lagos, but he will make the formal presentation at a later date,” Yunusa added.

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