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‘Everybody can contribute to make Nigeria better’ – U.S.-based Nigerian



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A Nigerian medical doctor based in the U.S., Dr Iwuozo Obilo, says every Nigerian has a part to play in finding solutions to the challenges confronting the country.

Obilo, in an interview with the Correspondent of the Nigeria News Agency in Newark (U.S.), said he was intervening in the healthcare system through the Nigeria Health Foundation (NHF).

Since its inception, the foundation has worked towards ameliorating the health condition in rural Nigeria through annual healthcare outreach to Nigeria, he said.

The U.S based foundation has also provided access to healthcare, education, and proper hygiene through its outreach to Nigeria since the past 14 years, according to him.

“The solution takes all of us; it takes a village to raise a child, it’s all of us, when we all put our minds together.

“If we continue waiting for somebody else, then it won’t work. Let everybody do what he or she can do; do the little.

“The little you can do to alleviate or to help somebody, do it; that’s my vision.

“I’m not going to cure the whole world but the little I’m doing is important and it touches lives.

“And if everybody will do his or her little bit, we can make the Nigeria and Nigerians lives better,” he said.

He described the condition of healthcare and other infrastructure in the country as deplorable, saying it was taking negative toll on the citizens.

“In my family right now, there are two people waiting to be buried. My niece was giving birth to a baby and died. My in-law died of diabetes.

“I get calls every week somebody is being buried; it’s something that we cannot continue to look away from,” he said.

The philanthropist said “our goal is to drastically improve not only the health conditions in Nigeria but also the state of social welfare”.

“On our two-week missions, we estimate receiving visits from nearly 400 patients a day.

“About 95 per cent are individuals from remote areas who would never have otherwise received medical attention because it is either inaccessible or costly,” Obilo said.

Edited by: Akin Makanjuola/Abdullahi Yusuf

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