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Eritrea: Eid Mewlid Al-Nebi is celebrated throughout the country



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Eid Mewlid Al-Nebi

Eid Mewlid Al-Nebi was celebrated in great color today, October 8, throughout the country.

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In the celebration held at the Al-Khulefa Al-Rasheedin Mosque in which imams from various mosques, sheikhs and various worshipers participated, information about the religious significance and depth of Eid Mewlid Al-Nebi was provided.

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On the occasion, Mr. Mohammed-Seid Beshir, Chairman of the Islamic Awkaf of Asmara, wished happy holidays to the faithful and called for the noble social values ​​to be transferred to the young generation.

Speaking at the event, Sheikh Salem Ibrahim Almuktar, Mufti of Eritrea, provided insight into the historical background of the holiday and wished Happy Eid to the people of Eritrea inside and outside the country, as well as the Eritrean Defense Forces.

Sheikh Salem Ibrahim Almuktar also wished peace and stability as well as prosperity to the people of Eritrea.

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