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Employment and Labour closes government building due to safety issues



Employment and Labour closes government building due to safety issues

The building presented a risk and was in danger of collapse due to the deterioration of its structure and the leakage of rainwater through the roof.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, November 26, 2021 / APO Group / –

On Wednesday, November 24, the Department of Employment and Labor Inspectors closed a building that housed several government departments in Mokopane, as it presented an immediate danger to employees.

The building is owned by the Department of Public Works and the employees had filed a complaint in October 2021 with the Department stating that the building posed a risk and was in danger of collapse due to deterioration of its structure and rainwater leakage from the the ceiling. .

The office building is rented out to Social Development, Health (malaria control), Agriculture and Rural Development, Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, and the South African Social Security Agency.

The affected departments have had to leave the building immediately (November 25, 2021).

Provincial Chief Inspector Phaswane Tladi said: “The department has zero tolerance for this type of non-compliance and we will act vigorously or accordingly to ensure that employers comply with the law. The health and safety of employees is very important to us; it’s the department’s mandate to make sure everyone is safe. “

Tladi said that enforcing the law does not only apply to government buildings, but to all workplaces in general.

“The department has increased the capacity of OHS inspectors, so employers will have nowhere to hide. Our inspectors conduct inspections on a daily basis and offer assistance when needed in the form of promotional sessions for employers aspiring to put their houses in order, ”said Tladi.

“We appreciate the work done by our OHS inspectors and urge them to work without fear or favor to implement the law. So far they are doing a great job and will continue to do so with the support of management. “

Ban notices were issued on the following violation:

The building has cracks in almost each and every office and those cracks are visible from the inside and outside, posing an immediate danger of structure failure / collapse and possible fatalities. Damaged ceiling caused by water leakage, which can fall at any time and cause immediate danger or fatal injury to people. The building has a damaged roof that causes excessive rainwater leakage. The roof structure is rotten and can topple over.

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