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EFF warns Tshwane mayor to hands off speaker



Staying away from Mncedi Ndzwanana, the sitting speaker of Tshwane, is the DA’s only credible route to peace in the metro council, says EFF regional chair Obakeng Ramabodu.

Cilliers Brink, the newly elected mayor of Tshwane, and his multiparty coalition have received a stern warning to “stay away” from the sitting speaker, Mncedi Ndzwanana, if the DA wants peace in the metro council, by the EFF regional chair Obakeng Ramabodu, in the council chambers shortly after Brink’s election. Ramabodu warns that if the DA and its coalition partners attempted to unseat Ndzwanana, there would be an “upheaval of chaos”.

Warning of municipal custom to oust opposing office-bearers

It has become customary in the municipality to oust office bearers from the opposition party once the leading coalition gets hold of the mayoral or speaker position, hence the EFF’s caution to demur.

The speaker won’t be removed

Ramabodu said the speaker was not going to be removed by anyone. He warned that conflict and discord during council meetings were never indicative of hatred.

Learn from predecessors’ mishaps

Ramabodu challenged Brink to learn from his predecessors’ mishaps. The EFF leader reminded him of the R10bn adverse audit finding with wasteful expenditure that happened under a member from his party. He then proceeded to inform him of the past offences by his previous colleagues which included sex scandals, unsolicited bid issues, and a GladAfrica scandal.

Warned to respect workers’ rights

The EFF leader also warned Brink to respect workers’ rights and the party would be keeping watch over the hiring of unqualified officials. Ramabodu warned Brink that if he targeted workers, especially black officials, he would be fighting the EFF.

Support from DA, Action SA, FF Plus, ACDP, and IFP

Brink was elected with the support of the DA, Action SA, the FF Plus, the ACDP, and the IFP. The opposing benches consisting of the ANC, EFF, and minority parties fell short, with 102 votes in total.



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