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Donald Trump expects to be arrested in connection with Stormy Daniels case, calls for protests



Former President Donald Trump expects to be arrested

On Saturday, Donald Trump announced on social media that he expects to be arrested in connection with a hush money scheme involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels. His team, however, has not received any notifications from prosecutors regarding an indictment. According to CNN, meetings have been going on throughout the week amongst law enforcement agencies in New York City about security preparations for a potential Trump indictment.

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Trump calls for protests against potential arrest

In response to the possibility of being arrested, Donald Trump called for his supporters to take action, saying “Protest, take our nation back.” Trump has been agitating his base for some time, believing that an indictment could help him politically. Any indictment would represent a historic first, and would quickly change the political conversation around an already divisive figure.

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Trump believes indictment would be politically advantageous

The former president’s legal team has been anticipating an indictment and has been preparing behind the scenes for the next steps. Trump hopes that his base will be riled up and ready to support him politically should he be indicted. He has previously complained that he believes he is only being indicted because Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “hates him.”

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Capitol Hill Republicans respond to potential indictment

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former vice president Mike Pence have both spoken out against the potential indictment. McCarthy called it an “outrageous abuse of power,” while Pence claimed the investigation “reeks” of “political prosecution.”

Concerns raised over possible protests

Some of Trump’s advisers have urged him not to call for protests, worried about the optics of mass protests in the streets of Manhattan. Law enforcement officials are also concerned about demonstrations or rallies outside the courthouse by Trump supporters or counter-demonstrations by anti-Trump protesters. Several concerns have been discussed in the planning process, including courthouse security and potential clashes between the two groups.

Next steps for Trump’s legal team

Should an indictment be issued, Trump’s defense team will be notified, and negotiations will take place for surrender and an initial appearance. Trump’s team has said repeatedly that he will not accept an invitation to testify before the grand jury. The former president is also considering hiring a new TV-friendly lawyer who can handle the outside media.


Donald Trump’s potential indictment would be a historic first and a dramatic escalation of his legal woes. His legal team is preparing for various scenarios, including Trump traveling to New York and giving a statement at the courthouse. Law enforcement officials are discussing the potential for demonstrations outside the courthouse should Trump be indicted. The story is still developing, and this article will be updated with any new developments.



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