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Director Ahn Gil Ho Accused of School Bullying



Director Ahn Gil Ho, known for directing the popular drama “The Glory,” has been accused of school bullying.

The allegations surfaced online before the release of the drama’s Part 2.

The victim, identified as “A,” stated that they were not aware of Ahn Gil Ho’s work as a director until his popularity increased globally.

A shared their experience with Ahn Gil Ho when they were fellow students in the Philippines in 1996.

According to A, Ahn Gil Ho was dating a middle school student named “B,” and A and their classmates teased her.

Ahn Gil Ho then threatened and physically assaulted A and their classmates.

Studio Dragon, the production company of “The Glory,” said they would investigate the situation, while Ahn Gil Ho denied the allegations.

The second half of “The Glory” was released on March 10.


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