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The dilemma facing the poor as 2023 approaches, by Aliyu Dahiru Aliyu



The dilemma facing the poor as 2023 approaches, by Aliyu Dahiru Aliyu

The exciting season of political clamor has returned. The drums have begun to beat and politicians have begun to sell their personal interests in the name of national interests. Politicians have started making noise, feeding people lies and promising the possible and the impossible. Gambling is an art of saying anything to get something in the market for personal interests.

Abuja has also started to fill up with gatherings here and there as politicians start haggling over prices for crosses, clergymen, intellectuals and social media influencers. Except for the poor, who will experience the same cycle of disappointment, frustration, and hardship, the game is interesting.

Nigerian politicians are simply passing the baton of stupefying the poor among them. Life becomes unbearable for the poor man sometimes when he falls from the frying pan into the fire. It is then that he realizes that he has been deceived. They promised him a monthly stipend, but he didn’t ask where the money would come from.

However, the poor man is sometimes to blame because he received a stipend for the hardships he would face for the next four years when he received 500 Naira as a price for his vote. He has already sold his freedom, and he will have to reap what he sows. Some people will make the same mistake again in 2023, particularly young women and housewives who don’t care about political events.

Sometimes I excuse the poor, but not always. Politicians have already imprisoned him in the abyss of poverty. They pushed him to the edge of a deep pond and handed him a sharp knife. You must hold it if you want to save your own life. Nigerian politicians have created artificial means to make Nigerians hungry and angry. They then give them small amounts to cheer them up when they are about to die. Nothing but survival instincts work at that point.

I believe that the poor must learn to live in the darkness of difficulties until their eyes see the light of joy. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, we must learn to train our souls stoically. The whole moral of ethics is to learn to forget today’s pleasure in order to have a better one tomorrow. Unfortunately, few people know or apply this ethical consideration in their daily lives. Some people are conscientious but ignorant of good advice, similar to how smokers vividly read warnings on cigarette packages but continue to damage their lungs and die young.

Nigerian democracy is plutocratic. It all comes down to who has the most money to be in government. It was not designed for the poor. That is why I think that all the philosophical arguments against the Nigerian system are somewhat acceptable. Should I even call it a democracy? I think the biggest proponents of the system among philosophers never know that a system like Naija’s would exist.

There is another problem if you have a forecast. Even if you see danger coming, most voters in distant villages unaware of what’s going on in government or ignorant of better policies will drag you to hell for 1k. Sometimes I fear democracy because it is such a perfect system that most drag innocent people into danger. Despite its flaws, it is still the best system because it gets along with people. Don’t think I’m thinking in black and white.

Nigerian politicians have recognized the value of exploiting religious, ethnic and regional sentiments to divide people in order to advance their own interests. In 2023, the clergy and experts you trust will be bought in and guide your opinions and voters where the money goes. They will tell you what is best for you, but they are lying. Unfortunately, most of you will believe them, and we will go through another cycle of hell again.

Most of the influencers and social media experts you admire don’t post for free. Many of them have sold their pens and clicks for money, so take their political advice with a grain of salt. Interact with them and ask them questions. Let them explain why they should vote for their candidate and use critical thinking in their interactions. Some of you have a better sense of logic than they do. They are just lucky enough to have a huge following after establishing an echo chamber.

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