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Diablo 4 Multiplayer Guide: How to Set up a Game with Friends



Multiplayer in the Diablo Franchise

Diablo 4 is the newest entry in Blizzard’s blockbuster Diablo franchise. The popularity of the Diablo franchise can be, at least in part, attributed to the inclusion and prioritization of multiplayer. Diablo 4 seeks to carry on the tradition by offering a few ways to play with friends.

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The Options for Multiplayer

Diablo 4 gives players a lot of options when it comes to multiplayer. This guide is here to help players wrap their heads around how to set up a multiplayer game in Diablo 4 and understand why they might want to.

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The Always-Online Multiplayer System

Diablo 4 has an interesting system of always-online multiplayer, which is why even those wanting to play single-player may have to deal with long queue times. The world is densely populated with other players, even outside towns. People are running around killing the same enemies and opening the same chests. Thankfully though, loot is dropped separately for everyone.

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The Benefits of Playing Together

Diablo 4 gives players a bonus for playing together. Just being near another player activates a +5% XP buff that makes it worth the while to help people. Players get a 10% bonus to XP instead if they’re in a party, which makes grouping up a lucrative idea.

Cross-Play and Quick Join

Cross-play is available for players that want to group up with others across platforms. There are settings in the Options Menu under “Social” that allow players to disable cross-play if they’d like. There’s another setting at the bottom of the list called “Quick Join” that allows friends to jump into the party without an invite too.


Diablo 4 launches June 6 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. With this multiplayer guide, players can now delve into the game with their friends and reap the benefits of playing together.



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