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Demon Slayer’s Muzan and Bleach’s Aizen Share the Same Villainous Flaw: No Goal for Their Subordinates



Supervillains in anime usually have big goals in mind, but their methods are often flawed, ultimately leading to their own downfall.

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Demon Slayer’s Muzan and Bleach’s Aizen desire world domination to bring salvation to those who have none, but they make the mistake of amassing great power and granting it to their minions without giving them a purpose in life.

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Their elite subordinates have immense power but nothing to protect with it, leading to a circular and empty goal of continuous fighting.

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These characters crave salvation and a fulfilling purpose in life, but their transformation into demon-kind merely condemns them to a life of fearing the sun and living on the fringes of society.

Muzan and Aizen are cruel and selfish, using strong minions without giving them hope of salvation or happiness in return.

This leads to a loss of morale as their subordinates realize they are disposable tools who stand to gain nothing in return for their service.

Even demons still have their humanity buried deep within them, and this may lead Muzan’s minions to turn against him out of frustration or start fighting for their own reasons instead.

If this happens, it could be catastrophic for Muzan, and Tanjiro and the other demon slayers can take full advantage.



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