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Democratic Lawmakers Propose Gun-Reform Bills in North Carolina



After Rob Steele’s fiancée was killed in a mass shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina last October, he red-flagged himself by handing over his firearm to a doctor after unloading the magazine and putting the ammunition back.

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Steele joined Democratic lawmakers to discuss gun-reform bills aimed at preventing mass shootings and suicides.

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One of the proposed measures would create a red-flag law, which would allow courts to temporarily take guns from people after determining whether they are a danger to themselves or others.

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Another bill would allow people to voluntarily surrender unwanted guns and authorise law enforcement agencies to destroy certain firearms.

North Carolina’s police departments cannot currently destroy guns because of a state law.

Another proposed gun bill would require people to obtain a permit before buying a long gun, which appears to contradict the aims of a Republican bill (to repeal the pistol purchase permit required to obtain a firearm in North Carolina).

One of the primary sponsors of an omnibus bill titled “The Gun Violence Prevention Act” is seeking universal background checks before a person can buy a gun, and the act would make it a misdemeanor for a minor to possess or buy a long gun.

It would also outlaw bump stocks.

Seven mass shootings have occurred in North Carolina since the beginning of the year, demonstrating the prevalence of gun violence as a public health crisis.



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