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Delta 2022: After four attempts, Edafiadhe wins the gold medal in the long jump



Joseph Oreva Edafiadhe

Yusuf Alli’s USA-based long jumper Joseph Oreva Edafiadhe, 33, is feeling great after winning the 2022 National Sports Festival men’s long jump gold medal.

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Appearing in his fourth NSF , the Newman-Carson University student, jumped 7.

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70m to clinch the gold medal.

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According to him, improving his performance and being among the best in the world is now his goal.

“I feel good winning the gold and I am overwhelmed because I have been coming to the festival for a long time,” Edafiadhe said.

“My first start was in 2011, where I did three jumps in the final and no medals.

My second festival was bronze and my third was silver, so it’s a personal thing for me to be elevated to gold.

I feel very good that God has done it.

“Coming down here, I was full of confidence that I will win; this is not to underestimate my fellow competitors.

” He attributed his general improvement to hard work and being healthy.

“It is hard work.

The only thing that will stop me is not being healthy.

In the last few months, I’ve been doing some decent jumps pretty much because I’m healthy.

He added that his sights are now on making a global impact in the long jump, including knocking down the national record of 8.

27m held by 33-year-old Yusuf Alli. “Records are meant to be broken; when the right time comes, it will break.

But for now, qualifying for the World and African Games are my goals,” he said.

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