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Davido Makes a Comeback and Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement




After making a comeback post on his social media accounts, Davido has been receiving lots of love from everyone on social media. It’s been months since people heard from Davido after his 2022 FIFA World Cup superb performance in Qatar. Now he is back, and people can’t hold their excitement. There seems to be something about Davido and time. We’ve had “A Good Time” and “A Better Time,” but now, it is “Timeless”.

Reception on Social Media

The happiness Nigerians received from Davido’s announcement momentarily quelled the foul mood of the elections. I heard “shekpe” and jumped like they were turning my remote in the village. Davido, you’ve been missed! OBO IS BACK!!! We all miss Davido, no matter who you stan. You can’t even lie about that. Watch how the whole energy and vibe on social media will brighten up this week, Davido is back. Everyone is happy!

Anticipation for Forthcoming Album

We are all excited about Davido’s return and also very much looking forward to his forthcoming album. A good time, A Better time, TIMELESS! When Davido said “Shekpe” “Baddest,” it was pure joy for his fans. Davido has been known to produce great music, and there is no doubt that his latest album will be nothing less than amazing.



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