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Craig Bellamy’s Revolutionary Influence Denied



Fourteen years on since his conversation with a team-mate in a Manchester airport duty free shop, Craig Bellamy is now 43 and leading an imperfect life.

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He is aware of his rage and explosions but what stands out and is admirable is his drive to succeed.

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He is an ideal coach as he is able to emphasize to young players the importance of discipline and dedication.

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Though he may lack the diplomacy for the top role of manager, Bellamy has found a role with his former Manchester City team-mate, Kompany in Belgium at Anderlecht, thus revolutionizing the profession.

And football players should take a lesson from his experiences which prove how hard the professional environment is.

Bellamy also questioned and criticized the prestige of the Ballon d’Or and awards like it, as they do not pay proper tribute to key role players in the team and are usually dominated by the same players.

He cited the example of Graeme Souness and Roy Keane, who never made the top three in the award even after leading their respective teams to incredible successes.

The midfielder is also a key figure in Manchester United’s League cup success last Sunday, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

The free-kick was delivered onside with Casemiro scoring the goal, however, another player on the team, Weghorst, was offside and was seen deliberately blocking the run of two Newcastle defenders.

Bellamy observed that while it is unlikely they could have prevented the goal, it was still interference and it brings to light the issue of confusion surrounding offside law in football.

As for Yaya Toure, he recently received the 2023 Football Writers’ Association Tribute Award in recognition of his remarkable contribution to the national game.

Bellamy’s experiences and opinions help to emphasize the point that one should pay more attention to team unity rather than relying solely on individual awards like the Ballon d’Or. With his advice and coaching skills, future football players and coaches will find a strong foundation for success.



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