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Coventry Hotelier Criticizes “Unfair” Treatment of Hotels Housing Asylum Seekers



Rick Cressman, the owner of Nailcote Hall in Coventry, has criticized the UK government’s treatment of hotels housing asylum seekers.

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Cressman claims that government officials have been “taking over” hotels and offering deals that hotel owners could not refuse.

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He also criticized the government for allowing these hotels to pay reduced rates of tax.

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Cressman believes that hotels housing asylum seekers have been “gifted” 100% occupancy rates at good rates while also paying less VAT.

Cressman, who has been a critic of the tax system, cited that he had to pay an energy bill that cost him £110,000, which wiped out his profits.

He claims that hotels housing asylum seekers have benefited from lower costs because they require fewer staff to maintain their facilities.

According to HMRC, accommodation providers pay less VAT when a guest stays for over 28 consecutive days.

However, the Home Office denies any “special VAT status” for hotels housing refugees.



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