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Controversial Cleric Uebert Angel Claims Authority to Sign Contracts on Behalf of Zimbabwe



A Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large

Uebert Angel, the founder of the Spirit Embassy and The Good News Church, has made shocking revelations that he has the authority to sign binding contracts on behalf of Zimbabwe in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s absence. Angel was appointed as the Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Europe and the Americas in 2021, a move that raised many eyebrows from those who did not understand the nature of his supposed work.

Boasting to an Undercover Reporter

During an investigation into corruption and looting in the gold mining sector in Zimbabwe, Angel spoke to an undercover reporter from Al Jazeera. He boasted to the reporter, named Mr. Stanley, that he had the authority to sign treaties or conventions on behalf of President Mnangagwa without consulting him. Angel even assured Stanley that his word was binding as a plenipotentiary, as he had signed deals like this before.

Deals with Discredited Miners

In the explosive documentary, Angel is captured calling Henrietta Rushwaya, President of the Zimbabwe Mining Federation, with the discredited miner agreeing to sell 100kgs of gold at a 4 percent discount. Rushwaya’s terms state that if Mr. Stanley wanted to clean US$10 million, he would pay US$5 to Fidelity Printers and Refineries, a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Fidelity would keep the money for the duration of the relationship between the parties.

Uncertainty and Implications

The implications of Angel’s claim to have the authority to sign deals on behalf of Zimbabwe without consulting President Mnangagwa are yet to be seen. It remains to be seen how the Zimbabwean government will respond to Angel’s claims. The uncertainty surrounding the situation leaves many questions about the legitimacy of Angel’s actions as well as the motives behind his appointment as the Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Europe and the Americas.

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