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Comparing South Africa’s Fuel Cost to the Rest of the World



With petrol prices climbing in South Africa, with unleaded fuel costing R21.38 per litre – an increase of R9.5 since 10 years ago – locals may be curious to see how their fuel price fares on a global scale.

On the global petrol price database, petrol is averaging at R23.34 per litre, making South Africa just slightly cheaper than average.

Some countries in the world pay a drastic premium for fuel, such as Hong Kong at R52.64 per litre, making it the most expensive fuel worldwide.

Whereas others pay as little as R10 a litre, with Venezuela and Libya as examples.

Comparing South Africa’s fuel cost to similarly situated countries may be more illustrative, as many countries resort to heavily subsidizing fuel.

Botswana and Namibia are a few examples of South African neighbours with cheaper petrol prices, whereas Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia are pricier.

But compared to other African countries such as Ghana, Guinea and Malawi, South Africa’s comparatively cheaper prices look even more attractive.

While it’s unfair to compare fuel prices between countries that heavily subsidise fuel, South Africa’s fuel cost still falls below the global average of R23.34 a litre, and only two African countries currently charge more than R30 per litre.

With room for local prices to climb even higher, South Africa are in a relatively comfortable position compared to some of their counterparts.



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