Communications Service Providers Must Transform to Meet Changing Customer Needs (by Pikie Monaheng)



Pikie Monaheng, CEO of Amdocs (www.Amdocs.com) South Africa.

It’s no secret that CSPs need to transform their businesses to compete in the continent’s highly competitive communications landscape and deliver the experiences customers demand today. However, digital transformation is a journey that takes time. And there are many tasks to undertake along the way.

So how do CSPs go about achieving true digital transformation? What are the main challenges they have to face?

IT modernization is a key enabler of any digital transformation and the adoption of cloud technologies is critical to that. In addition to cost savings, the cloud provides the ability to rapidly evolve, react to market dynamics, and launch new offerings. It enables elasticity on demand, creating an always-on environment where flexibility to do things as a service is much greater and the organization is not limited to on-premises computing power and IT.

CSPs will necessarily take a hybrid approach to cloud adoption with some systems remaining on premises and others migrating to the private cloud, public cloud, and even multiple public clouds (such as AWS, Azure, and GCP) to benefit from the latest. technologies and cost efficiencies. This complex IT environment creates challenges around managing the hybrid coexistence of the current and new platform, requiring careful management. In addition, the adoption of the cloud brings with it new concerns such as the need for continuous optimization, financial and economic management, regulatory compliance, and data and security management.

Data is key to anticipating customer needs. Seasoned CSPs will need to start leveraging data more effectively to make smarter business decisions. Here, AI plays a key role, helping CSPs quickly create new offerings based on what customers demand. Injecting artificial intelligence into everything the organization does will help it make critical business decisions, but also keep up with an ever-changing society that prioritizes connectivity.

CSPs will also need to inject intelligence into their own operations. To stay ahead of the rapidly evolving technology, organizations will be forced to introduce AI-powered operations, while making continuous improvements to their IT environments. This is the only way to ensure flexibility and an agile response to change.

Ultimately, the success of any digital transformation depends on the people and processes running the transformation. This requires employees to buy into digital adoption, embrace new technologies, new processes, and new ways of working.

CSPs need to adapt their organizational culture to break down barriers and automate and accelerate processes. They must instill a mindset of innovation and continuous learning in their employees. Steps like these will allow CSPs to be more agile and ensure their employees have the inherent ability to quickly adapt to the next big disruption.

With the focus on retrofit and reuse, as well as automation of manual tasks, employees will no longer have to perform repetitive or burdensome tasks. Rather, they will free themselves to focus more on business innovation and customer service.

One digital transformation success story is that of a Southeast Asian media conglomerate, which recently underwent a digital transformation program and migrated its business support systems (BSS) to the cloud. The goal was to improve the user experience and increase self-service adoption, personalize recommendations, and improve usability.

In 14 months, and negotiating the challenges of Covid-19, the transformation journey resulted in initial savings in capital and operating expenses, as well as a 10% cost optimization. Additionally, the company was able to retire data centers and enable upgrades for individual applications without impacting its overall digital architecture.

In another case, the Philippines-based telecommunications company Globe modernized a fragmented and inefficient call center to deliver an improved digital experience to customers.

To deliver better customer interactions and reduce wait time, increase call resolution rates, and enrich the digital lifestyles of its customers, the company’s legacy system was migrated to the cloud (Amazon Connect) and adopted an Amdocs solution to convert 31 displays into a single unified display. agent desk. This led to a 40% reduction in operating expenses (OPEX) and an overall improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Monaheng says digital transformation journeys can come with some challenges, but the rewards are worth it. “CSPs that have already embarked on fast-paced journeys to transform their businesses are positioning themselves to deliver digital customer services that take advantage of new opportunities and technologies, and drive customer satisfaction and happiness rates. And frankly, operations that don’t ride the transformation wave will be left behind. “


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