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Comedian Greg Davies once dated MP Liz Kendall, who is now set to become a mum via surrogacy at 50



An unlikely pair

Comedian Greg Davies, star of BBC series The Cleaner, was once in a relationship with Leicester West MP Liz Kendall. It is not known how the unlikely pair met and throughout their eight years together kept their relationship private, away from the public eye.

Keeping private lives private

Partners between 2007 to 2015, Kendall remarked during their relationship: “I am not going to be the sort of politician who does all that stuff about their private life because it’s very precious to me and really important to me that I have that space that’s personal and just to me.”

Greg Davies’ views on romance

Davies and Kendall split just prior to the 2015 General Election and remain very good friends. In 2021, Greg claimed he may be out of the dating game forever while chatting on The Graham Norton Show. Davies said he had “given up” on romance after his grandad had unknowingly walked in on him and a girlfriend during an intimate moment. He joked: “It’s not for me, romance…that was the day I gave up on romance.”

Reflections on love

Meanwhile, during the race to become the next Labour Party leader in 2015, Kendall opened up on her private life in the wake of her break up with Greg, saying: “As you get older, of course you want to be settled, but life changes and it doesn’t work out. Who knows what will happen? That’s all I say. I am a person who loves and wants to be loved.”

A journey to motherhood

Six years later in 2021, Kendall revealed she would step back from politics to become a mum via a surrogate at the age of 50 with her partner. The MP previously suffered two miscarriages and told reporters she required surgery during attempts to conceive naturally.

A brief look at Kendall’s background

Kendall has been MP for Leicester West since 2010 but is not from the area, having been born in Abbots Langley, near Watford. She was head girl at Watford Grammar and won a place at Cambridge, but only decided to take the place after her mother, a primary school teacher, convinced Liz not to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Her dad, Richard, formerly worked for the Bank of England and was a Liberal Democrat councillor in Hertfordshire. Kendall admits she barely saw her father when she was young as he was working his way up the ranks at the central bank.

The new series of The Cleaner starring Greg Davies begins on Friday, March 23 at 9.30pm on BBC One.



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