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Colombia vs South Korea: Pre-Match Press Conference



Team Formation and Consolidation

“The team is in formation and in this transformation there is a change that we want to happen naturally and consolidate. Now things have happened that are out of the ordinary, injuries in the same position…. Each case of those who are not here is particular. Injuries, arrangements between medical bodies for treatment of injuries. But the base will be found in these last four friendlies and will be consolidated during the qualifiers. The process depends on the player’s current situation and that changes as the months go by”.

Consolidation of Ideas and Game

“To consolidate concepts that give us identity it is important to get together, we work on the consolidation of the idea and a protagonist and intense game, and on the formation of a strong group that aspires to win things. Many players have changed, but we try to instill the same idea in all of them: to always go for more and put Colombia in the top places of world soccer. It is difficult, we are taking it step by step. The important thing is that the group is united and assimilates the challenge.”

South Korea’s Strong Game

“Korea is well worked in all lines, with players of high international level and with hard work and time they have managed to have an interesting team game”.

Hungry Colombia

“Colombia is a team that is very hungry because they didn’t qualify for Qatar and didn’t achieve the success that Qatar was for Korea. The possibility to start working now with the players, to understand their qualities, to understand their strengths, to see some of their weaknesses. Based on that, we want to play attractive soccer and we want to play soccer that the players enjoy.”

Playing with Joy

“Our goal realistically was to reach the round of 16 and I think we had a good World Cup. We have to play the way we like to play and have fun on the pitch so we can give the fans some joy.”

History and Hope

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These two teams have met six times. The statistics are in favor of South Korea, which has emerged victorious on three occasions, while Colombia has won on one occasion, leaving a balance of two draws.

The new coaching staff has been in charge of the Colombian team for almost a year now, where it has had the opportunity to look at variations with the players who have been playing and to add some names that have left a good impression, so there is a lot of hope that there will be a turnaround after failing to qualify for last year’s World Cup.

Klinsmann’s Guidance

South Korea will play its first match after its valuable participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The team begins a new path, now under the guidance of Jürgen Klinsmann, who wants to give it a touch of quality, taking advantage of his experience coaching the German and United States national teams, with which he already had the opportunity to be in the orbital appointment.



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