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College Student Accuses Elon Musk of Double Standards on Twitter



Tracking Private Jets

A college student who gained notoriety for tracking private jets on social media has accused Tesla CEO Elon Musk of double standards regarding Twitter‘s policy on revealing individuals’ real-time whereabouts.

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Reporting the Tweet

The student, named Sweeney, reportedly warned the account owner that he would report the tweet, stating that if he got banned for posting live location information, so should others.

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Questioning Twitter Moderation

Sweeney added that there appeared to be double standards regarding Twitter’s moderation, stating that either they were bad at their job or they only cared about the live location rule when it was in Musk’s favour. He pointed out that the account in question tweeted a famous person’s live jet location, but that it hadn’t been taken down, the only difference being that it wasn’t Musk.

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Suspended Accounts

In December, Musk took control of Twitter and suspended Sweeney’s accounts that tracked celebrities’ jets, including @ElonJet and @ZuccJet, arguing that posting live locations was a “physical safety violation.”

The $5,000 Offer

Early last year, Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to stop sharing flight information, to which Sweeney replied that he would for $50,000, but Musk never followed up on the offer.

New Policies

Following the suspension of Sweeney’s Twitter accounts, the social media platform updated its private information policy to restrict the sharing of live locations, which prompted Sweeney to start tweeting flight data with a 24-hour delay to adhere to the new policies.



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