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Coalition to recognise companies above 60 yrs in Nigeria



Coalition of Societies

The Coalition of Societies for the Rights of the Elderly in Nigeria (COSROPIN), says it will recognize businesses operating aged 60 and over in the country with a national citizens’ award.

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Eze Ajoku

Senator Eze Ajoku, Chairman of the Coalition, had this to say at the National Corporate Seniors Initiative Partner and Stakeholder Disclosure Meeting in Abuja.

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Ajoku said the national citizens’ award was aimed at helping the country build institutional memory, as well as appreciate its sustainability framework, capacity and service delivery.

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National Senior Citizen Corporate Award Initiative

“The National Senior Citizen Corporate Award Initiative is an innovative national strategic initiative with an international focus.

“Designed to help our country create and develop institutional memory, referral and award protocols for corporate seniors 60 and older.

“With a view to appreciating their sustainability, capacity, service delivery framework, partnership with government or communities, and their innovative skills that have kept them going,” he said.

The head of the coalition, who emphasized the imperatives of recognizing the contributions of viable legal entities to national development, said that the country needs to meet the pioneers of its business ecosystem.

According to him, the award is designed to honor corporate and institutional seniors who are 60 and older.

He reiterated that the award initiative would go a long way in encouraging corporate institutions to strive for longevity and sustainability.

Ike Willie-Nwobu

Mr. Ike Willie-Nwobu, President of the International Federation on Aging (IFAN), said effective population management was a roadmap for creating wealth through national productivity.

Willie-Nwobu, who described the companies as national assets, said they drive activities for national growth.

Senator Eze Ajoku

He praised Senator Eze Ajoku for an ingenious initiative that, according to him, was able to revive the economy.

Veronica Ugu

Ms. Veronica Ugu, Director, Department of Public Affairs, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF), commended the coalition’s leadership for the initiative.

Senator Eze Ajoku

Ugu also praised Senator Eze Ajoku for his commitment to improving the welfare of older people in Nigeria and said the government secretary’s office would support them.

“The SGF office would know the area where we can enter to build this program, because this is a very good initiative.

Distinguished Senator

” Distinguished Senator, we thank you for the work you are doing so far.”

Nigerian News Agency

The Nigerian News Agency reports that the proposed National Senior Citizens Award Initiative is an innovative strategy with an international focus, to help the country create and develop institutional memory.

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