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Cleric urges Nigerians to be pious



 Cleric urges Nigerians to be pious
Cleric urges Nigerians to be pious

1 By Edith Ike-Eboh

news in owerri today

2 The Vicar of the Anglican Church of Our Savior, Dr Nnamdi Okpuno, urged Nigerians to study the word of God and avoid being led astray by charlatans who misinterpret God’s injunctions for selfish reasons.

news in owerri today

3 Okpuno made the call during a thanksgiving service to mark the end of a three-day conference of the women of Missionary Archdeacon Durumi in Abuja.

news in owerri today

4 Okpuno said that misinterpreting God’s words has resulted in various social problems, conflicts and unrest in our communities and the nation.

5 He called on Nigerians to take the time to study the word of God for a good understanding of the laws and injunctions of God in order to avoid being blown away like the wind.

6 Abuja Diocese Mothers Union / Women’s Guild Vice President Uche Okpuno said in her speech at the event that although Nigeria’s problems seem insurmountable, we must continue to “hope in the infinite mercies of God which have kept us alive ”. ‘

7 Okpuno called on state governors to rise above selfish interests to ensure peace and security.

8 She said all sectors of the economy needed to be reorganized to get the country out of the woods.

9 Conference President Elizabeth Ugoh, in her opening remarks, said the theme of the conference was a call for Christians to always prepare.

10 “We give glory, honor and praise to our Almighty God for His mercy and kindness to all of us to witness and participate in this year’s Archdeacon of Women Missionaries conference in Durumi.

11 “The theme of the conference: ‘Steadfastness’ and the sub-theme -‘ Standing Firm in the Faith reminds us of some familiar Bible prophecies related to the end times.

12 “During this event, we will discuss many issues that affect us as humans through various powerful activities,” Ugoh said.

13 She said the meeting would talk about the individual and collective needs of the participants.

14 A resource person, Ms. Keziah Phillip, called on women to be submissive to their husbands.

15 Phillip spoke on the topic, “Staying Strong in the Faith to Win an Unbelieving Husband.”

16 According to her, wives should be the light that will lead the family to Christ.

17 “We are urged to pray, to respect and honor our husbands, to seek God, to surrender completely to God, and to expect him to show the mercy of his salvation to any unbelieving husband.

18 “Finally, believe, trust and hold God with his words and he will do it for you no matter what, even in the face of an unbelieving husband,” she added.


20 Ms. Augusta Akparanta-Emenogu

21 In her contribution, one of the speakers, Ms. Augusta Akparanta-Emenogu, urged women to participate in conflict resolution in their communities.

22 Akparanta-Emenogu spoke on the topic: “Why should women be encouraged to participate in conflict resolution and peacebuilding”.

23 “Individuals and institutions have different levels of involvement and play different roles in maintaining or resolving insecurity or conflict.

24 “It is important to identify the sources of insecurity in order to be able to go back to identify the causes, then propose and implement viable and lasting solutions.

25 “Everyone needs to get involved to ensure that our environment, our communities and our nation do not face serious security challenges.

26 “This is because there is a very close link between security and development. Without security there can be no development and no progress, ”she said. (NAN) ()

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